Thank you soooooooooo much for the food and shoes!!!!! I am sooo thankful for them. There was a crazy tropical storm/hurricane on thursday and friday and it was nice to have shoes that didnt have holes in them, cause my feet would have been more soaked than they were, hahahaha.  :)  I am feeling FANTASTIC!!!! Can you believe that I have less than 5 months??!!!! Where did the time go??

I am on exchanges so I am currently in Norwich 

So super cool!! Last P-day we went to Newport and there are a ton of mansions!! One of which is the Gatsby house!!! It was super cool!!!! It is the house that they filmed the movie after!!! They are super cool! I wish that you could see it!! 

I love it here!!! :) It is soooo beautiful!! And everyone is super nice here. The work is going. We are doing the Addiction Recovery Program with our investigator.  It is really rewarding when you can watch them make progress, but it is REALLY hard to watch them relapse. :/ So it has its pros and cons, like everything else in the world.