Mystic Aquarium
Touching a Stingray

Mystic Aquarium

Fun morning at the beach
 The beach, and me and Kate who is getting baptized on Oct. 25th
Beach in Rhode Island (Westerly)

We were doing yard service and we found some toads!!
 Me and Sister Boldt with Elder Paulson, teaching him how to clean a bathtub
Cleaning with Elder Stewart
Watch hill shops :) 
really pretty water fall mill thing
 THE GREAT GATSBY'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My current zone :) 

 I think the term house is a little small for this massive thing. it has its own zip code
Me and Sister Johnson in front of the Breakers in Newport
Me and my comp with our Zone leaders in the back 
 beautiful beach! love it
again, love the beach!!! 
Me in front of a really expensive resaurant that a member took us to
God has given us a sign, follow it
Look! its a castle!!!
This is pretty cool. I want one. :D
 Funny pic of me being me right before we go on a hike to Hublein tower
All of us on the way up, which is short but steep. Like straight up steep
Us at the top!!! woohooo!!! 
 Sister Bud and my comp at the top of the mountain
Me and Sister Watts at the bottom
Most of our Zone at the end of that day
Family Display
This is the restoration one. The person posing as Joseph Smith is actually Elder Bloomfield. :) soooo funny
THE JESUS DISPLAY!!! my favorite for obvious reasons. :) 
 This is the Book of Mormon round table. It is part of our Portable Visitors Center Display. It is the coolest thing ever. The Brethren are looking into getting it for every mission. And we, yes the MBM, created it. 
This is the Temple display. There is one on Temples, as shown, the Savior, the Restoration, and Families Are Forever. :) The Ipad is directly linked to the TV through Apple TV and there are ^ videos per display that relate to that topic. And you can walk up and play them and watch them on the TV. It is the COOLEST THING EVER!! people have gotten baptized because of them
Paul Revere statue
Elders Paulson and Farr 

Me at the site of the Boston Massacre
our faces define our relationship... but really though. while everyone else is thoroughly pondering the magnificence of the site we are both off in our little worlds. lol. sooooo funny 
us all crossing the giant bridge heading into the city. :) 

 the two of us being weird and standing on wooden beams

Sister Hollan
Elder Mangelson and Sister Hutchinson
Elder Paulson and Sister Hollan, man I miss those two 

 city of Boston
Sister Hutchinson and My Comp sister Hollan down by the water in Cambridge 

 a member makes these cape cat shirts and he gave the missionaries their own!

Sister Palmer and her zone leader doing a "crouch thing"  She is laughing.

Battleship going into Fall River

Dinner with a Bob Marley fan

 Pday at Plymouth

 Sister Lee, Sister Rose, Sister Palmer at the Nello home

 Elder Simpson

 Fall frost

 "man eating spider"

Sister Palmer & Sister Rose at Nelson's Beach, Plymouth

New hairdo courtesy of Sister Rose

Delicious salmon dinner with members

 sparklers with members after dinner

poor Elder Watson!

Sister Palmer with Halloween yard decoration

Zone meeting

trip to Plimoth Rock (Bree says that's the old way of saying it!)

Plymouth rock monument

Plymouth rock - it's small because people used to chip it



Sister Palmer at the Mayflower


The Simpsons - senior couple the sisters are living with

Atlantic Ocean

Elders Marques and Watson
Sisters Palmer and Lee

 Sister Palmer with host family

 missionaries at Red Soxx game

Lydia the sheep at the host family farm

Soo we catch animals for ward members who have problems with them getting into their trash... Never thought I would be doing this. EVER.

 Sister Palmer's district at the MTC

  same district
 Bree's elephant picture

 Marlborough, MA

 MTC companions Sisters Palmer & Slater

 Provo temple

 District Elders being silly

Silly sisters!

 "besties" sisters Slater and Palmer

 Sister Slater enjoying a cinnamon roll that "isn't as good as Delora's" !

 Long hours!

Steve the Slug!!!

 random building

 MTC sisters bound for the MA-BOS mission!

 Random Massachusetts building

 Dear Elder cinnamon rolls - good but they are not Delora's!

 district at the Provo temple

district elders

These are my teachers. Brother Stanley is on the left on Brother Johnson is on the right. They are great teachers!!!!

The second is Elder Brimhall

Our picnic the last night in the MTC!

In front is elder Peterson..... behind him is elder Jeppson, leaning over him is Elder pullan... Elder Norman was sick of me taking pics so he is giving me a thumbs down in the background :) lol

From left to right: Elder Norman, Elder Adams (who thinks he is Batman), Elder Thomas, and Elder Pullan who draws the coolest pictures. 

Sis Slater, Sis barney, Sis Roy, Elder pullan, elder Jeppson is in the background and I think that is elder petersons tie :)

sis barney is soo funny!!! she is the one that can do smeagle