yeah it was in the 60's last night. I miss the heat.... :/ Never thought that I would say that, but I do.

 I am getting along with sister Johnson great! She is super cool, and we have fun and work hard. :) She goes home after this transfer. :/
 I dont have a ton of time today because we are driving to Newport to go and do a cliff walk and see all the cool mansions :)
This week a sister missionary got hit by a car!!! I am really good friends with this sister so I was freaking out. But the story is that her and her comp were in a hurry to catch the bus and tried to jay walk to catch it. The first car stopped, and the second car didnt see her and hit her at 40mph!! She went flying all the way across the median, but she is ok. No internal bleeding, or major broken bones. A couple of small facial fractures and a couple of really deep cuts and a lot of road rash. Angels are really watching over us. :) 

Our one investigator is super cool. We just started ARP with her this past week and she actually called us today because she needed someone to talk to because she was struggling. Super cool!!! SHe prayed last night for strength and she said that it really helped. I am SOOOOO proud of her. YES!!!! I WILL MAKE TIME FOR THAT!!!! PLEASE SEND IT!!!!!!!! I have been craving sweets, :(

 THAT SOUNDS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!! it is really funny. The members basically feed me salad. BUT!!! I did find out that I can eat red meat and pork!!! One of the members made a spaghetti with hamburger and sausage in it. I had to bring my own noodles, but that is ok. It was pretty good.  A member took us to 99 and I got a hamburger and it had a gluten free bun and it was pretty good. :)
 Yeah I had to get some rice chex for my sacrament bread. Ifelt special. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!