We are going to the church to play games and there is a family history center there, so I will be able to email on/off all day today. GUESS what!! I traced my line all the way back to Adam!!!  Not sure how acurate, but still, how cool is that! :)

Essay for BYU:
The most difficult thing that I have ever experienced is serving a mission. As I have been on my mission I have had to learn many things. One of the main things is that my life belongs to the Lord, all day, every day and forever. It has taken me a while to realize this, but through a lot of humbling experiences I have learned that I do not know where to go or what to do unless I let the Lord guide me. He knows me better than I know myself and therefore He knows what I need to do. Before, and even during the beginning of my mission, I thought that I had my life all planned out. However, I came to realize that I had no idea what I should go to school for or how badly I wanted a family that is strong in the Gospel. But as I have come closer to the Lord I realize that I do not know the first thing about my future. It has taken a lot of work in my prayers to be able to understand what the Lord is trying to tell me. Although, as I pray with real intent, knowing that the Lord truly cares about my future I have been able to feel His guiding hand in my life. I know that I can do nothing without Him, but I can do everything and even more with Him.