July 4, 2013

Hey guys!

It is sooo great here!  I have already learned so much and it is only my 2nd day, and it's not even over yet!  You get up in the morning and head off to class, and you have classes and workshops and TONS of personal study time along with companion study time.  I absolutely adore my companion.  We were made for each other!  She is going to Boston too.  Her name is Sister Slater and I really hope that we are companions out in the field.  Yesterday we were called to be Sister Training Leaders over our zone.  It's super cool, we are leaders and advisers over the other girls in our zone so we try to help them in any way we can.  Today in our classroom instruction we learned about a bunch of different fundamentals and principals.  We get to teach our first investigator tomorrow and I am so excited!  Everyone here is so nice.  I feel right at home.  The teachers are great, and the more I learn the more I feel like I will be a better missionary.  I can't wait to go to Boston!  Sorry mom but I haven't taken any pics yet!  I have a really busy schedule and I don't have much time for taking pics or writing but I'm working on it.  It's the 4th of July and I think that we get to watch the fireworks!  Woohoo!  I miss you and love you tons!

Sister Palmer

So I thought I would have time to write a different letter, but I haven't even had time to send this one.  Today is July 5th it's a Friday and we had gym time!  I loved it!!! :)  Sister Slater and myself get along so well!  We taught our first investigator today and I'm sad to report that I didn't do as good as I wanted to.  Whenever I was speaking it was like word vomit!  I couldn't stop babbling and then finally I would stop and Sister Slater would speak but then I would jump back in and I would start on topic, but then go way off.  Luckily he decided to consider being baptized.  We will see how it goes.  It rained today and we got to go outside and watch fireworks!  Before the fireworks all the missionaries got together and we watched the movie 17 Miracles.  It was so inspirational!  At the very end it says that Levi Savage was blessed not only because of what he did do but what he did not do as well.  He didn't murmur or complain even though he was ridiculed.  He stayed strong and that is something that I wish to accomplish in my life.  To be able to take what the world throws at you and take it with a smile and then turn the other cheek.  Levi Savage is a great inspiration to me and I hope that you will feel the same as I do one day if not already.  One thing that I thought of that I remember from seminary is that the Spirit teaches through others.  I need to go to bed now but I love you all, good night!  -Sister Palmer

P.S. There was a talk by John Bytheway where he said sometimes we are more like Laman and Lemuel than we are like Nephi because we complain first before we do something.  Asking questions like: Will it be fun?  Do I have to?  Well how good and I supposed to be?  Elder Bednar was asked "what is the worst sin you can commit?"  He replied, "the one you think you can get away with."