I LOVE it here. We have a car but we do a lot of bike riding, and it is soooo pretty. We rode our bikes this morning over 8 miles to the beach!! And we saw T-swizzles house!! The people here are super nice. we have about 45 people, on a good day, in our branch. There was only 38 there yesterday and a lot of people are leaving for vacation... :( It is sooo great here!! I will be taking a lot of pics. We are going to play sports on the beach today :D
 T-swizzle is taylor swift. lol. the members have given us bikes. There were 4 when I got here and we just gave 2 to the elders. We cover Mystic CT!!! How cool is that!!
Our apartment is oddly set up... We dont get very much hot water in our shower, but that is ok. I take 5 minute showers now :) I love Sister Johnson!! She is really funny. This is her last transfer, so sad. I do not miss being an STL at all. It is so nice to just be a normal missionary. :) I feel good, tired from the bike ride, but good. I am still gluten free. Which is interesting/ starting to get hard. Since we dont have a lot of members it is hard getting fed here, and they dont sign up very much, which is kinda good kinda bad. But I know what I am eating. And they were really accommodating yesterday when I told them I couldn't have gluten. They were really sweet about it.
 I am so sad that I will be missing Tori's wedding!!!!!
yeah that sounds good, brownies. i have been eating peanut butter on a spoon and sticking chocolate chips in it, and licking it like an ice cream cone. :) yeah I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, bread is tricky cause i dont have time to bake or money to buy it. but that it ok, i have about 5 months left, so i can survive with out it until then. It is really helping my stomach a lot. I feel a lot healthier too. :)