An Elder from my last area shared this story with me.

A demon walks into Satan's shop and finds this bright, shiny tool. He looks at it, and then turns to Satan and asks "How much is this?" . Satan replies, "$75". The demon then asks, "Well, what is it?". Satan answers, "That is Lies. That wont get everyone, but once its got them once it is easy to get them again." So the demon buys the tool, leaves, and goes and uses it. The next demon walks in and finds a bigger, brighter, shinier tool, and he really wants it. He turns to Satan and asks, "How much is this?", Satan replies, "$1000". The demon then looks at Satan and asks, "What is it?". Satan answers, "That is Addiction. That will get a lot of people. And once that one has gotten them, it is hard for them to break away." So the demon buys it and leaves, and he goes and uses his tool. The next demon walks in, and finds this beaten, rusty, small, worn out, old tool. He looks at it, and looks at Satan and asks, "How much is this?", Satan replies, "That is $5000". The demon looks back at the tool that he is holding, and asks, "This? What is this?". Satan responds, "That is my most valuable, most used tool. That is Discouragement. I have used that since the dawn of time and it is a favorite of mine. No matter the situation that will get anyone to stop believing that they are a child of God, and that He loves them." So the demon buys it, leaves and goes and uses his new tool.

 My week was AMAZING!!!! We have three new investigators!!! Woohoo!! one of them has a baptism date, it is for August though. That is the date that he feels comfortable setting, but he will definitely get baptized before then. :) The other one is a media referral! Which are like never fruitful. But she had been on google for like 3 weeks looking for us before she found mormon.org. She has a lot of questions, and agrees with a lot of the doctrine. She gladly accepted the Book of Mormon, and is really excited to come to church! :) The other one is a 17 year old teenage girl, who we are not sure but might have been taking the lessons because she thought that the Elders were cute... So we are meeting with her this week and will be establishing our purpose, and hopefully she still has a desire to learn. :)
Yes, I still love Connecticut. it has been warming up here! It has gotten all the way up into the 30's!! It has been super nice! it is a really gray day today, but that doesn't really mean anything. the humidity is coming back when it is warmer. there was one day that it was in the 50's and it was super humid. But I really like it, and I really like the people here too! They are super nice. There are some seriously loaded people out here!!! we go to some members' homes for dinner and it is like Woah!!! They live in like mini mansions. It is really cool.
 I have gotten really sick of wearing the same clothes (which happens to all missionaries), and there are times that I just want to burn them all, and go get new ones. Hahahaha, I dont, obviously, but sometimes there is just a need for a new dress or skirt or something! Joys of the mish. :)
I am having a great time :) i am really learning a lot. :)