Sorry I haven't had a whole lot of time to write. Weather + holidays do not a good combo make for emailing. :/ But things have been going so great here! We got a new investigator around Jan 10 or so. I think I told you guys about her. Her name is***, and she is only in my area for a little bit. She is from Cromwell CT. and she is staying at the VA Hospital currently so she can go through rehab. She was an alcoholic and did chewing tobacco. But we started teaching her about 2 weeks ago, and this Wednesday she proposed her own baptismal date! We had only taught her the first lesson and the Word of Wisdom and brought her to church that Sunday. But at the end of our lesson (W.o.W.) on Wednesday we were planning on extending a date, but we both forgot. And as the closing prayer was said we both remembered, but it was no longer the right time because everyone was mingling, and the Spirit wasn't there. And I was silently praying that we would somehow be able to extend baptism to her. So we are standing there talking with***, and she asks us how someone becomes a Mormon. And I told her that you get baptized. And she asks if there is a process of some sort behind it. Like if she has to pass some classes or wait a certain period of time. And we told her no. And she was kind of shocked, and then asked when she could get baptized. If it was alright if she did it on Sunday. And my companion and I looked at each other and looked back at *** and said yes! So then it was crazy because we had to teach her the rest of the lessons in 3 days!!! But we talked with our Mission President and decided that it would be best for her to get baptized in her home ward in CT. She was already planning on moving back the 1st of Feb., so we thought that it would be good for her and her future ward. So she is going to be interviewed on Friday, along with all the other missionaries. :) President Packard is coming to our area to do missionary interviews so her will interview her then. :) It has just been so crazy lately.
AND THEN... We just got another investigator who lives in the same apt complex as two of our members. And we went and taught the Plan of Salvation instead of the Restoration. She is going through a really hard time right now. Her husband committed suicide in their apt, and she is struggling to cope. She is also really lonely. She loves having us come over just so she can see people. The members came with us to our appointment, and they are excited to befriend her on their own. We extended baptism and she accepted. We haven't set a date yet, but we will. We think that the ward family will be something that will help her loneliness.