I am super excited to tell you all the news that I have!! So Wednesday is transfers, but no worries I am not going anywhere and luckily neither is Sister Boldt. BUT on Saturday we got a call from President Packard and he asked us to be Sister Training Leaders!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! SO we have to go to transfers because right before  the actual transfer meeting there is a training meeting for new leaders. And for some reason they are holding it on Wednesday instead of Thursday. And in North Brookfield MA, instead of Belmont. We also have an Elder in our District that has finished his mission and is going home and for his last P-day, which is still on Wednesday (weird, I know) he wants to go to Boston. SO we are going to ride with them and go to BOSTON!!!! and then go to transfer meeting and probably not get home till late.... But that is what is going on currently. It has been super crazy, and eventful, but in a good way :) Super excited to go to Boston. We are going to get George Town Cupcakes. :) :) Yummy. I also think that he wants to do the freedom trail, so we might also be doing that. :) We will see. :) But I knew that you were probably really worried so I made sure that I had time this week to email because I for sure wont have time on Wednesday.
 I am feeling soooo much better. It was the same thing that I had in my first area, they just didnt keep me in the hospital for as long, which was kinda surprising. I was sick for like 5 days. But I am all better now!! :) I love it here. :D A STL is the equivalent of a Zone Leader, just for sisters. Ask the missionaries, they will be able to explain it better. But I am basically over the sister in my zone. Which thankfully is only one set. :) Yes, we still get to be companions, thankfully. It is also funny because neither one of us knows what we are doing. ha ha ha ha. So we seriously need this training. We are also pretty lucky because we have another set of STL's in our Zone, but they are over the spanish sisters. So they can help us out. :/ Dont really know what I am doing.. But I will figure it out. It is super funny because one of the sisters that we are over is my trainer, Sister Klecker. :) HAhaha. I am a little nervous about this though.  I dont think I have to worry about it, but it kinda makes me nervous. I want to be a good STL, but I still want to be myself. So we will see... :/ The investigators are doing good. :) We have been trying to meet with them and crazy things keep happening... :/ But one of them came to church yesterday! woohoo!!! I am really happy. This is definitely the happiest I have been on my mission. :) A big part of it is Sister Boldt. We get along soo well. :) I just love her to pieces.