1/21/2014 Fun Pday

We are supposed to get a really bad storm today, so I dont know how long we will be able to stay here before we have to run and hide for protection against the awful winter elements... but seriously.
Yesterday was the best P-day ever! Only comparable to the Red Sox game. There is a family in the ward that has 3 little boys, and the middle one just turned 5. So he had his birthday in the gym at the church. So Sister Scott and I go over there to say hi, because we were the second ones he thought of to invite. So when we get there, there is a huge nerf gun fight going on. So, of course, as missionaries, we grab a gun a join in. It was so much fun! Bishop and his son and his friend were there, which made it more interesting for us, because we got to shoot 2 teenage boys and the Bishop. Now when does that happen? It was soooo much fun! They had a whole bunch of cardboard boxes that we got to use. I am super sore now because of the great work out. :)

I love you mom :)