We have a new investigator!! We are so excited! We have met with him twice. The second time the STL's were with us and it made it that much better.  But we found him while we were looking for a less active woman. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is reading it. He even asked for recommended chapters! How awesome is that! He is like the definition of a golden investigator. We invited him to come to church and he said that he wanted to. Something held him up though so he couldn't come. But he asked if there were any other meeting this week and we told him about institute on Tuesday and he wants to come! He is very spiritual, and connects with nature. We have a member that we want to take with us that could use strengthening as well. We also plan to take a members less active son to institute so they can meet. He really wants to come out with us, and we are hoping that this is a good way to re-activate him. Do you have any suggestions or advice? We also have two potentials. One is a girl that was there the first time we taught Carl. She wanted to come to the next lesson, but she was going to be in New York. But she was really interested, and they were both asking questions of the soul. The other potential is the aforementioned active woman's "friend". We believe that they like each other. He brings her food and they go for walks. We took her out with us to go visit some of her friends, and she wanted us to meet him. He goes there every Sunday at 4:30. So we sat down and talked with him. And we have an appointment to meet with him again on Sunday. we are not counting him as an investigator yet because we are not too sure how interested he is, or if he just wants to talk. But we have been using the ward mission plan to inspire the members to do more missionary work!