I am doing good. Yes I got a new companion, the funny thing is that we came out together! :) She is super sweet, and really nice. She is also like 5'10" so when I send pictures home I will look really short but I promise that I am the same height. I live in the middle of nowhere... we live in Sunderland and have to drive 20 min to get to church, 45 min to get to the bishops, and I dont know about others. But it is sooooo cold here. Saturday night there was like a blizzard! it was snowing, and super icy, and the wind is horrible!!! When I go outside I can only feel my face for about 5 min before it goes numb... For some reason I am driving again, dont know how that happened... But I was driving and the car started to go sideways!!!!! SIDEWAYS! It wouldnt let me brake, and I didnt know what was going on. But Sister Scott is from UT so she was able to help me through it. There is snow outside!!! Blah.
My address is:
253 Amherst rd. apt D6
Sunderland, Ma
i think that the zip is like 01006... not sure about the last number though.
I like "hue" and "angel" But if she sees any other colors that are good, we can go with those. I need a nude color ("hue") and I like a soft pink color("angel").

We are going to a members house for Thanksgiving. it doesnt feel the same though. :( But this ward is really great. They are super ready for missionary work, and I am excited to work with them.