I am using a members iPad! Coolest thing ever, I feel so techy. Did you get my essays? We had the craziest week. Got attacked by dogs like 3 times in one day, went and visited a naked man (you would think that when he saw people at his door he would put on pants, but no, he put on a jacket), locked ourselves out of our apartment so we had to use to fire escape ladder to get back in. So many adventures! 

My new companion is great!! We get along really really well. No, mom, I am not counting down the days till I come home. How many weeks do I have left?

I got you all souvenirs from Mystic :) I think that I will just bring them home with me. I got you a dress pattern mom for 27 cents!!! I hope that you can make me a dress when I get home. or even teach me how to make it. :)
Yeah we are working with 4 investigators, and 2 potentials. It is going really really well. 2 of our investigators are a mom and son, the dad is less active but the whole family came to church yesterday and loved it!! One of them is out of town and the 4th is doing good. We are doing the Addiction Recovery Program with her. and it is going pretty well. :)