9/3 e-mail

Sorry that I didn't write yesterday, but Sister Lee and I went to the temple with the other missionaries and then we went to a red sox game!!!!!! It was the best pday of my life. I have so many stories for you.
First off we are living with a member family, on a farm. It it awesome. They have two little girls and a little boy. Dorthy, Lucy, and Ezra. They are all super blonde and adorable. Ezra is about 1.5 years old, and he will run/waddle down the hall screaming. It is sooo cute. We have our own bedroom and bathroom. It is the Master bed/bath. Which means that we also have a walk in closet. It is sooo humid here!! it is so bad. it actually got foggy last night. I couldn't believe it. So we share the land we live on with a bunch of chickens, a goat named buttercup, a sheep named Lydia, and a pony named Sunset. It is super cool.

Second, guess who is driving!!!! That's right me! So we get here on Thursday and we share the area with our zone leaders. elders with power, hahahaha. anyway, so we get here on Thursday, and on Friday night we go to help someone move and then eat dinner at their house. They live in New Bedford. So we drive over there and Sister Vieira, the mom that we live with, told us that when we park we have to park across the street from their apartment. So there were two parking lots. I pulled into the first one, which was deserted, and there is a sign saying city parking only, or something like that. So we look over and there is another one. However, the barbed wire fence around it didn't cross my mind at the time. So we decide to park in the second one. We park in a slot that is labeled visitors. So we go and help the family and eat at  their house, and when it is all done the dad goes to walk us to our car. They had locked the gate. The opening we had driven through was now padlocked shut. wunderbar. So it also just happens to be labor day weekend, which means that there wasn't a chance to retrieve it until Tuesday. Thankfully we got it back and everything was OK. Our elders had to take us everywhere because everything here is so spread apart. It was crazy!!!!!