New Letter!!!

July 29, 2012

**must see new picture!**

Umm, If I was to say anything. It would be that God knows our weaknesses, and that is why he pushes us. We are modern day pioneers. Are we going to sit in the snow and give up, letting our faith in God be replaced by doubt and disbelief? Or are we going to be strong  and have the strength to persevere and carry on? Are we going to have the strength and trust in the Lord to walk through our own personal icy rivers? One of Gods many gifts to us is trials and tribulations. What we do in the midst of them is our gift to God. In the song "we'll bring the world his truth" the word as was replaced with now, so it stated " we are now the armies of helaman...We are now the Lords missionaries". I used to think of the army of Helaman as a story, as something that happened a long time ago. As if the army ended when those boys eventually died. But the army of Helaman is here. We may not wear armor, we may not carry swords, but the battle we fight is real. We go against a strong enemy who our individual weaknesses and strikes at us individually. But if you are truly converted to the gospel then you will have the power to resist the temptations of the adversary. You will delight in doing the work of the Lord, and bringing to pass His work and Glory. Heavenly Father pushes us because He knows what we can become, He know what we can achieve. As I have been out here I have asked myself a lot, what am I going to accomplish today. What good can I bring into the lives of those around me? What does Heavenly Father want me to learn so that I may help others? Putting others before myself and loving them wholeheartedly has been a big trial for me. It is something I am still trying to overcome. I pray for help always, but I cannot sit idly by on the river bank and do nothing about it. I have to take action and exersize my faith and hope, believing that I can over come my trials.