Made it to Boston!

July 22, 2013

This is a compilation of today's emails from Bree

Sooo much has happened. I am into Boston and went to the Presidents house, which is totally colonial style, and completely awesome!!! I want a house like that one day... Their family is super cool. I spent a couple of days there. My second day there Sister Slater and I went street contacting in Boston Commons. It was super ineffective and I think that that was the point that they were trying to make. We really focus a lot on member missionary work. So I went to the transfer meeting to meet my new companion and find out where I was going. It was really funny, because President asked how I was doing and if I wanted to meet my new companion and I was like YEAH!!! So he told me it was Sister Klecker. I had met her when I was staying at Presidents house because her last comp was a STL. I really like her a lot, we get along fabulously and are so alike. :) So then we found out that we are OPENING TWO new areas. TTWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So there haven't been sisters in either area, and we cover two different wards!! I was at church yesterday from 8-5. It is crazy. the areas we cover are Marlborough and Framingham. We live in Marlborough. :) I love it here. We live in the forest, it is soooooooooooooo green!!

Sister Klecker is from Franklin Mass. hahahaha. my apartment is great, except that we randomly find slugs in it........... It depends on the ward. Plus it is summer time so everyone is on vacation. We only have one family of invesitgators......did you get my picture?????????

yeah we are pretty busy. No sightseeing yet. So our investigator family is from Ghana and they made this meal for us called Fufu. you should look it up....

I see lots of elders in your pictures!  Yeah we had a ton in our district. We had only four sister!!!
yes the groups of pics that I have been sending are of my district.

It is hard to take pics mom cause I cant look like a tourist......... sooo yeah. I have a letter for syd, but I am having trouble figuring out my mailbox, so I have been looking for one around town

Are you at the library?  YES I AM :):):) its hard to see books and not be able to read them :.(

Did you see the pic of steve?? that's the slug that we found in our apartment.

We have this cool retro 70s couch that is this weird shade of green, and its pleather

Im ok. The Fufu I ate did not agree with my stomach and absent gallbladder.... So I don't feel the best, but im fine. Im sooo happy its Pday