The leaves are starting to change color here!! It is super pretty! This week was pretty great! Today I am learning to play the Cello! We are also going to help the Westerly Elders wash their car. :) Then play some volleyball. We are also going on exchanges today so I will be in Norwich this evening and tomorrow. Norwich is where and asylum went out of business so they just let all the people go!!  CRAZY!!! So there are literally crazy people walking the streets on Norwich... So yeah. I come home soon! Are you excited??

We went Saturday morning and picked corn!! We had like 300 ears of corn in our trunk!! Crazy!

Yeah I really love Westerly. The members here are just AMAZING!!! I love them and their kids. I am just really happy here. And I have a really good companion. :)

 a sister in the ward would like Delora's pulled pork enchilada recipe. :) YOu know the one she make with like lime-cilantro sauce and guac?? Would you be able to send that to me so I can send it to her??THANKS She is going to make it for dinner when she feeds us :) YUMMY

Yeah the work is exploding out here. :)

 I am 5.7 miles away from the beach. You could look up our house on googlearth.  It is a weird blue color.

we are all going to the Groton chapel and Sister Blair will be teaching cello lessons. :) I was with her in the MTC :)