I am wonderful! Alicia got baptized this Sunday and then received the Hly Ghost the same day :) It was the best. We went over there yesterday and played monopoly for like 20 min with one of her kids. :) We are working on having one of them take the lessons. :) BEST NEWS EVER, We are getting Elders here in westerly, so we will be a quad-companionship!! BEST THING EVER!!!! I am super happy with my new comp, I love her to pieces. :) 

So you know how I have a hard time drinking water sometimes? Well yesterday in the car, we were driving back from a hike called devils hopyard, and I had run out of water so I was using Sister Hansons, and her bottle is massive. So I was stopped at a red light and I told her to tell me when the light was green so I didnt have to drink and watch the light at the same time. Well, she told me it was green, but I kept drinking. And then one of the Elders in the backseat started laughing, and so I started laughing, with a bunch of water in my mouth. So I handed Sister hanson her water back, and I am not really sure what happened, but all the water came out my nose, and I started choking on it. So I pulled over and spit the rest of it out. And then I couldnt breath for like 2 minutes, and my throat hurts today, but everyone else in the car thought that it was hilarious...me, not so much.