Yesterday we had a zone conference, so they made today our p-day. The dr appointment didnt go like I wanted it to. I wanted him to tell me what was wrong and tell me what to do to fix it. But, of course, he didnt! He that he doesnt know what is wrong, and that we are now "fishing" for answers. Which doesnt help at all. SO he had them take blood today to test for lime disease, which I know I dont have or I would be dead by now. I am constantly looking for ticks and havent found a single one, which I told him. He is also testing the blood for food allergies. A lot of the members think that I could be gluten intolerant since a lot of foods hurt to eat. So he is doing those tests too. He wants to do an upper endoscopy, so I really have no hope right now of being fixed. And it is honestly really hard being on a mission because I have no energy for anything. I dont mean to dump all of this on you, but I am just really struggling right now. I am tired of being in pain, and I am tired of not sleeping.