Sooo this week we went to Charlestown and there is the investigator from manchester there. Well as we were picking shells on the beach I ripped my pants right up the side!!! HAHAHAHA, sooo funny. So I am down to one pair, which is fine cause I can get new ones when I come home. We are going to join a gym!! Sister Hanson loves to work out in the morning, and I need to loose a couple pounds and never find them again...:/

General Conference was AMAZING!!!! I loved the afternoon sessions! They were super great!

 Yeah it was like 41  degrees this morning...It has warmed up since then though... 

Oh, it is going to be a really busy week! We have Zone Conference on thursday all the way up in foxboro MA, but we get to watch meet the mormons!! So I am really looking forward to that. We just got done cleaning our car....Nothing random this week. You know, just going around, teaching people about Jesus. Hahahahaha, but really tho

So I got my hair cut today and it looks great!!! I also really like the color of it. :) you can see it really well in the pictures that I sent to you. What do you think. You obvi cant see the hair cut but you can see the color!

Yeah I still love the MBM! It is the greatest mission on earth! :D

I have thought about it, but I feel like I need to go to Utah for school, it is not really my favorite place in the world, but I feel like that is where I am needed. :/