email 10/14

I want to let you know that I have had a great week. At transfer meeting this Thursday President Haight spoke about obedience and shared this story. It is about a girl on her mission in Italy. Her mission pres had told them in a conference to not go into the water. So one day, a really hot day, her and her comp decided to walk along the beach, and they got closer and closer to the water. Soon they were ankle deep, and then they were calf deep. Then they realized that they needed to get out. Earlier that morning the girl had cut herself shaving in the shower. A few days later this girls leg is swollen and very painful. It got to the point to where her comp had to carry her into the doctors office. The doctor looked at her leg and he could feel it throbbing. So they decide to do an immediate procedure to relive the swelling. When they cut into her leg insects came spilling out. Now this was due to a small nick from shaving and severe disobedience. He shared another story.
Two sister down in South America knocked on this mans door. He opened the door and they said that they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He said come in we need your help. His mother was having severe back pain, and they didn't know why. The girls asked if they could look at her back, they got permission, and when they lifted her shirt they saw a hole in her back that insects had made a nest in. These girls were calm and immediately said a prayer. They they were able to get they help this woman needed. Because of their obedience they were able to remain calm, and to do the things which needed to be done to save this sisters life.

Ok, bugs, gross. But it got the point across. Now whenever there is a slight possibility of disobedience we think of the possible consequence, and having insects in your leg is not worth it, not matter what it is.